"Hey Dad, Can I Ask You A Quick Question?"

YES, However There Is A Charge For My Consultations.


First off, it's not JUST a quick question - your life, your family and your future at stake. Do you really want me to just whip off a BS answer?


No, of course not.


You want advice, help, direction, and a coherent strategy to come out of this case with the best result for you. To do that means I need to spend time learning about you and your case. 


As one of my followers you get a special FLAT FEE rate of $500 for up to a one hour consultation.


Your hour  includes the time I'll spend reviewing any documents you can send me to look at, after you've paid for your consultation.


As a lawyer I sell my time, knowledge and insight. You want good feedback. You need someone to spend their time to know you and your family, so they have the knowledge to help you. 


My regular hourly rate is $800, which is high even in big cities like Los Angeles where I live and work.

When you invest in your consultation, you'll receive an email with the Case Checklist that will make our time on the phone much more productive. Then we'll schedule a time when we can both be focused on your situation.

I look forward to getting to know you and then helping you through this difficult time in your life.

Remember that studies show, 6 months after a divorce, MOST people are happier than they were before.


Today is a dark day, but know that your tomorrow is bright!


~ David

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