"I Can Prove They're  Stealing, Your Honor"


You KNOW the proof exists, but how do you get it? 


Use these EASY AND SIMPLE METHODS you'll be able to do:


  • Get Their Bank Records and Know How To Use Them.

  • Get Their Employment Records and PROVE their REAL Income.

  • See How To Get Them To ADMIT what they did!

  • Depose Them For the WIN!!



In Discovery 101 you'll learn:


  • What a SUBPOENA is and HOW to use them as a Self-Represented Person.

  • How To Draft REQUEST FOR ADMISSIONS  that boxes them in! (BONUS - You get a SAMPLE PDF as a template for your case)

  • What SPECIAL INTERROGATORIES are and how to create them (BONUS - You get a SAMPLE PDF as a template for your case)

  • How To GRILL your EX at a DEPOSITION



$67.00 USD

This is ONE TIME offer to get a ONE on ONE hour conversation with David Pisarra. It's recorded for your review. So come prepared with ALL your Discovery Questions! 

It's a low investment of $150. 

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