The Union of Dads and DADs Law School were founded by David Pisarra, a California Attorney who focuses on fathers and father’s rights in family court: divorce, paternity, child custody and parental alienation cases. For the past 20 plus years, he’s fought for dads who want to be an active and engaged parent in the face of great obstacles from the courts and moms who are too possessive of the children.


This website serves men and women who want their children to have a father in their lives.


Based in California the bulk of the information is strategy and designed to help fathers across the globe when they are fighting for their children.


We have online courses, a podcast, TikTok Videos, YouTube Videos, books, a text group, and a community to support the men who are fighting this good fight, but feel alone, neglected and marginalized.

To learn more about David you can follow him on TikTok at @UnionOfDads, and @DADsLawSchool.

To join the free text group, send JOIN to 424-228-1123

And you can always email him at [email protected]


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